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What Makes Vital Earth Different?


What Makes Us Different?


It is our story that makes us different. Starting out in 1999 we have more experience than most and our aim was a very noble one. We wanted to produce a product derived from green and catering waste collection that was just as good as a peat based product.

We set Dr. Arnie Rainbow the challenge and he rose to it.


Vital Earth's Best Buy AwardToday our Products have won numerous awards including “Best Buy” from Which. This gives Waste Management Professionals a number of distinct reasons to use us:


Here are just some of the advantages

  • We can derive revenue from the sales of quality end product, enabling us to charge a competitive gate fee for waste disposal.

  • We utilise our own technology, which we continue to develop. We are committed to investment and have considerable experience in gaining planning and licensing approvals.

  • Our indoor maturation system ensures that the material is consistent throughout the year and is not re-contaminated with weed seeds and pathogens that an outdoor windrow system would be prone to.

  • The vessels we have designed enable us to be flexible with regards input tonnage. While the variable fan system we use, to maintain the ideal environment for composting, has significant advantages over others in the market. Ensuring uniform conditions throughout the vessel and more than meeting stringent quality requirements.

  • We handle in excess of 85,000 tonnes per annum from waste collection.


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