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In-vessel Composting


Why In-vessel Composting?


In-Vessel Composting: An industrial form of composting biodegradable waste in a controlled manner has many advantages:

But before jumping to the advantages let us consider the alternatives:

Many Local Autorities compost green waste on low cost “on farm” systems. It is true, bio-degradable waste material once partially degraded can be called compost – but frankly raw ex-green waste is a very poor compost. Often the Local Authority then struggles with what to do with it.


Here are just some of the advantages

  • Enables more material to be diverted from landfill

  • Enables safe composting of material that contains food waste

  • Co-mingled collections are more cost effective than separate food waste collection.

  • The technology is proven and stringent standards can be set for operators.

  • The end result is a high quality compost that completes the recycling circle and has a value and benefit to the environment.


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