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The Process

  • We divert garden waste from UK Landfill Sites. Currently up to 85,000 tonnes.
  • Clean the waste – extracting metal, glass and plastic.
  • Then add water, from the re-cycle process.
  • Enclose the material in a carefully controlled vessel.
  • Aeration is used to encourage friendly bacteria to break down the waste.
  • The clever bit: we aerate the material and it naturally heats up, we ensure it reaches a minimum temperature of 65ºC killing weed seed and kills pathogens such as Salmonella and E coli. (PAS 100)..
  • We continue to aerate the compost for 6 - 8 weeks – now in large heaps – so friendly bacteria can develop as the compost matures and cools.
  • The mature compost is screened into various crumb sizes. Coarse for Growbags and Fine for seed mixes.
  • After allowing it to mature further we blend with other sustainable materials to provide the ideal nutrient balance and water holding.
  • Finally, we add more natural nutrients that plants need. By adding the right combination of extra nutrients, we ensure they release at the correct rate, to do the most good.
  • The whole process takes about 2 months.
  • At the end, we guarantee lovely pure crumbly organic compost that has been continually protected and controlled.


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Waste ManagementWaste Management

The £10m site at Ashbourne,
demonstrates Vital Earth’s
commitment to producing
exceptional quality organic, peat free and chemical free growing media.


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Green Roof ProductsGreen Roof Products

We have developed a range of growing media for Green Roofs, as we recognise both the positive impacts of these projects and the benefits a flourishing green roof offers.


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Vital Earth work in partnership with WRAP to encourage and enable businesses and consumers to be more efficient in their use of materials and recycle more things more often.


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Bulk ProductsBulk Products

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