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A comprehensive guide to specialist green roof growing media and sources of
information for enterprises involved in the creation and design of sustainable

Green Roof solutions.


We have developed a range of growing media for Green Roofs, as we recognise both the positive impacts of these projects and the benefits a flourishing green roof offers commercial enterprises, local authorities, the public and wildlife.


Green Roof


A green roof reduces run-off and thus flooding. It reduces noise levels, provides UV protection, insulation/energy saving and urban cooling/heat alleviation. It absorbs CO2 and reduces air pollution.


A green roof attracts wildlife: increasing biodiversity and enhancing living and working spaces. In addition, Life Cycle Assessment shows that green roofs cost the same as or less than conventional roofing: benefiting the environment, while affording cost benefits to users.


Those environmental benefits are applauded by government at a local, national and European level. Inclusion of a green roof in a planning application already aids approval and it is very likely to become mandatory.


Green Roof


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