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Compost helps retain moisture in the soil, provides crucial, slow release nutrients to crops and can lead to long-term yield increases. Importantly, using compost made from recycled resources is sustainable and can increase soil organic matter and water holding capacity.


Compost can also be a useful tool to help farmers meet GAEC (Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition) requirements for their soils. Something to consider when preparing a soil protection review.

TractorOur Soil Booster 25 is a PAS 100:2011 and Compost Quality Protocol approved compost, size-graded, rich in humus and lignin and containing a full range of

long-lasting nutrients.


Ideal for application to arable land, Soil Booster 25 is full of beneficial microorganisms, enhancing nutrient supply, suppressing disease, enhancing soil structure and worm activity and reducing erosion, compaction and capping.


Soil Booster 25 is thoroughly sanitised and meets UK Animal By-products Regulations (ABPR). Thanks to the in-vessel process used to produce the product, it contains no weed seeds and no diseases. It increases water-holding, reduces leaching, stimulates root action
and aids green-up/top growth. Readily available and long-lasting with a pleasant earthy odour.


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